For $900 we can service your tank for about 10 years at today's most typical and practical method for determining whenever a tank should be cleaned is by time and occupancy. This is a guide from the Journal of Environmental Engineering”. This subject is an ongoing debate in the industry. A bacteria treatment can be added to your system to help maintain live bacteria levels. The treatments can be given monthly. Treatment is often as simple as flushing a pre- assessed packet of bacteria/ enzymes down the toilet. You can also have your septic specialist add a treatment right to the system during a routine maintenance visit. If someone has been sick, and on prescription medication, or heavy cleaning has been done, resulting in bleach or bacterias or other harsh substance use, a bacterias treatment may be a good notion to help bring the machine back into balance. Never let solvents or coloring thinners enter your a septic system works diagram

If the wastewater cannot soak in to the land under the Drainfield bed, sewage may backup in to the system creating two distinct symptoms - wastewater puddling on the ground, or sewage backing up in to the house. After flushing the toilet, if this inflatable water does not decrease, or you notice a blup-blup-blup sound - this is letting you know the fish tank or drainfield is not accepting normal water.

Putting in a septic fish tank effluent filter or pump display, if one's body does not have one. Testing or filtering the septic fish tank effluent provides a highly effective way of avoiding solids from clogging the pump and pipes. Inspecting a display screen or filtration and cleaning when necessary is quick and easy and helps prevent costly harm from solids entering the removal system.

If roots or grease are not your problem, you may want to consider getting your Drainfield Cleaned. Over the years Sun Plumbing related has perfected our cleaning process with amazing results. Our success rate of Drainfield rejuvenation has regularly been above 95% of the Drainfields we've serviced. We are able to clean your Drainfield without disruption of normal water usage and with reduced disruption to your garden.

A newer type of drainfield system, created by Infiltrator Systems, utilizes a series of lightweight vinyl chambers instead of tube and gravel. They are simple to operate and treat more normal water with higher efficiency. The 3-by-6 1/4-feet ribbed sections fit together and run along a 3-foot-wide trench. A particular end dish caps the end of each run. You insert the inlet pipe into the primary section, and backfill the trench.